FIGHT ObamaCare

Campaign Managers, PACs: show voters what voting for ObamaCare means.  The Senator or Congressperson who voted for ObamaCare put us on the road that ends with what you see in SICK & SICKER. ObamaCare is the issue that will help you WIN.  Our movie will 
make that happen. Call us TODAY at 310-795-2509.

We can produce a custom edition of the movie with YOUR CANDIDATE introducing the movie.  We can offer rights to: broadcast this movie on TV, Internet and produce DVDs in bulk that can be mailed out on postcards.  We can license footage from our movie to use in 30 second TV commercials. Use our movie to reach swing voters with a very personal, life and death issue. 

1. Sponsor a Statewide Screening of SICK & SICKER

  • Such a license, if sponsored, allows ALL groups in that state to screen the movie SICK & SICKER in public until a certain end date.
  • You simply need to get the word out "we sponsored a state-wide license, your group can screen the movie in public before this date."
  • So your sponsorship leverages your money and activates hundreds of groups across a state.  It probably costs less than you think.      
  • Call us at 310-795-2509 (Los Angeles) to discuss sponsorship, or broadcasting the movie on TV, or using footage for 30 second TV commercials.
WHY:     Show Americans the suffering, shortages, waiting and death that will occur if we don't get rid of ObamaCare and implement free-market solutions.
HOW:     Download the movie to your laptop computer and connect it to a digital projector (borrow, rent, try-before-buying).  Some meeting rooms already have one.
WHEN:   As soon as someone sponsors a state all groups can screen the movie in public until the end date.  Charge admission or show for free.
WHERE: Attract the undecided.  Screen at a university, public library, hotel meeting room, restaurant, high school or college gym or theater, small movie theater.
PROMOTE: Do an e-mail blast, post on Facebook, Twitter, recruit a local talk radio host to be the MC or a get a free market org. to assist with promotion.
VISIT THE "MOVIE" PAGE to watch a trailer or download the entire movie right now.

2. Get your own movie!

       License our footage to create your own state-based movie against socialized medicine.  Brand it with your organization as the producer.

3. Sponsor a mass DVD distribution

       We can create a version of the movie that includes a video about your organization or product.  It can be distributed cheaply by postcard or newspaper insertion.

4. Use our DVD to increase membership

       Order DVDs in bulk at very low rates and offer them as an incentive for people to join or donate to your organization.  

5. Screen the movie as a fundraiser and activism

       We offer a very affordable screening package that allows you to educate the community about socialized medicine and raise funds for your group.  

6. Sponsor a TV broadcast

       Sponsor a broadcast of SICK & SICKER on television with commercial breaks to promote your organization or product.

7. Have the producer speak at your event

       Hire the movie producer to speak at your next conference, convention or event.  His fee can be offset by hundreds of DVDs which you can resell to your members.

8. Ask your favorite radio show to interview the producer

       ObamaCare is the talk of talk radio.  Contact your local talk radio hosts and suggest they interview the producer of SICK & SICKER.

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