Status of the "Hotel Lost Liberty" project

This is a real project. To help the potential financial supporters understand where we our in the process a rough outline appears below. This will be revised as needed. Our ability to proceed can be improved with your financial support.

1. Find hotel development company (HDC) to lead project forward.

2. Connect HDC with people offering capital to fund construction and persons committed to booking rooms in advance.

3. HDC makes proposal to the Town of Weare in conjunction with a massive campaign of public support from across America orchestrated by Freestar Media, LLC.

4. If Town Board fails to approve the plan, pursue other paths to victory until successful.

5. Auction off the chance to drive the bulldozer.

6. Build the Hotel, Cafe and Museum under the general guidance provided by Logan.

7. Throw a big party with all of America invited.

8. Find next location for our hotel chain...

Fun ways you can participate:

1. Are you a powerful and famous radio talk show host?

The "Room-Fit-For-A-Host Prize" will go to that radio talk show host that causes his or her listeners to pony up the largest sum toward the hotel's construction cost. This will be accomplished by asking each investor which radio talk show host motivated him or her to invest. The honeymoon suite will be named after the winning radio talk show host and that host will be allowed to choose the books and decorations in the room (within our budget). Four runners-up will have regular hotel rooms named after them and also be allowed to choose the books, decorations and furniture in these rooms (within our budget). The radio talk show host that finishes last will have the bathroom adjoining the restaurant named after him or her.

Imagine if your favorite host wins! What decorations might be found in the "Rush Room"? Which books might appear in the "Larry Elder Room"? What creature comforts might be enjoyed in the Bill O'Reilly Room? Do we dare to think what the "Howard Stern Room" might look like? Who will win? How will they decorate? The world awaits with baited breath...and a new reality show is born!

This contest is open to all radio talk show hosts. We will announce which radio talk show hosts step into the ring as it happens...

2. What should we serve in the Just Desserts Cafe ?

We have received some creative suggestions...


Souter Soup
Chicken Seizure Salad
Occasionally O’Connor Oxtail Soup
Clam Chowderhead
Revenge Soup (served cold)
Eminent Romaine Salad (with Your Neighbor's House Dressing)


Burger Supreme with Lost Freedom Fries
Bader-Ginz Burger with Half-Baked Potato
Goose and Gander Sautee
Commandeer Steer (Steak)
Pilfered Pork Chops
Squid Pro Quo
Eminent Lo Mein
Pasta Prima Verity
Home Roosted Chicken
Casa No Mas Tacos
The Payback Cold Plate
Reliable Rehnquist Roast
Stalwart Scalia Spaghetti
Trustworthy Thomas Tenderloin
Peasant Under-Class
"Grab" Cakes Supreme
New London Broil
Filet Mignon of Satan
Roast Turkey Supreme w/ The Right Stuffing
Takeover Turkey Club
The Worker’s Paradise Lunch – bread and water. No butter
Suprème Embrouillé
SOS also known as Souter on a Shingle


Crow Pie (Logan's idea)
"Hoisted by his own Petard" pie
Rocky Road To Serfdom Ice Cream
Kelo's Rice Krispy Squares / Kelo's Corn Flakes
Petit Forfeitures
The Way The Cookie Crumbles - ice cream w/cookie crumbs
Banana Split Decision: 4 top-grade bananas at the bottom of the dish, Choice of 2 flavors of ice cream, Topped with 5 nuts and sour gummy candy (to leave a sour taste in your mouth)


Eminent Domain Chandon champagne
Souter Sour - Scotch w/ sour mix


Each room should include an irony board
Every room should have a black robe
An Tavern called the Biter Bit Room
Carry Out Boxes Labelled "Government Waste"
...and many we can't mention.

If you send more menu items they will have to be really good. Include the name of your menu suggestion in the subject line.

Check back here often for new, fun and creative ways to participate in this Project.