Freestar to The Selectmen, 7/21/05 2:50 pm PST

Thursday, July 21, 2005
Sent by: e-mail and fax

Weare, N.H. Board of Selectmen:
Laura Buono, Chair Person (
Leon Methot, Vice-Chair (
Heleen Kurk (
Joseph Fiala (
Donna Osborne (
Fax: 603-529-4554

Re: Lost Liberty Hotel project

Dear Board Member,

I'm writing to find out your position on the Lost Liberty Hotel project. Freestar Media, LLC could spend many weeks and several thousands of dollars to create and deliver a formal presentation of this project and its benefits to your community. However, if a majority of you have already decided that you oppose the project in any form there is no purpose in making such a presentation.

Therefore I ask you to each let me know where you stand. Please put an "X" in the box that best represents your position on the following "Lost Liberty Hotel Position Statement" and reply by fax to 1-310-388-1104. If I don't hear back from you by 4 pm East Coast time on Friday 7/22/05 I will assume you oppose the project in any form.

If you wish to discuss this project please call me at 310-593-4843.

Logan Darrow Clements
Freestar Media, LLC
Lost Liberty Hotel coordinator
Fax 310-388-1104

(This below Statement was sent to the other four members as well)


From: Joseph Fiala

To: Logan Darrow Clements, Freestar Media, LLC

Lost Liberty Hotel coordinator

Fax to 310-388-1104

( ) I oppose the Lost Liberty Hotel project no matter what form it takes or what benefits it offers.

( ) I will consider voting to seize the land in question and approve the development if a strong case is made for doing so in your presentation.

__________________________________ ____________________
Signature Date

Selectman Joe Fiala's to Freestar

Dear Mr. Clements,
The attached statement is the official response of
the Weare Board of Selectmen to the numerous inquiries
we have had regarding your proposal. I believe you
will find it states our position quite clearly. I
wrote this and it was signed by Selectmen Buono,
Methot and Osborne.
While I understand your frustration with the
offending decision of the Court, I hope you will
reconsider your position and take one I'm sure you are
more comfortable with--that is to defend the property
rights of all citizens, whether we agree with them or
Joe Fiala
Weare Selectman

July 13, 2005

The Weare Board of Selectmen wish to inform all interested parties that we are in full support of protecting the property rights of all our citizens. We have no desire to take land from any owner, even when a legal taking is possible. We will continue to assist homeowners in keeping their property and to enforce their rights of ownership to the fullest extent of the law.
Furthermore, we rebuke all efforts to deny any citizen of Weare their right to enjoy the full, legal use of their land.

Laura Buono, Chair

Leon Methot, Vice Chair

Donna Osborne, Selectman

Joseph Fiala, Selectman

Freestar to Selectman Joe Fiala

Dear Mr. Fiala,
I interpret your July 13 to represent complete opposition to my proposed Lost Liberty Hotel project. If I am incorrect please let me know.

One person didn't sign your July 13, 2005 letter, Heleen Kurk. What is her position?


Toward a free nation,
Logan Darrow Clements
Executive Producer
Freestar Media, LLC
Los Angeles, California
310-593-4843 office
310-795-2509 mobile

Bad governments beware,
The Lexington League is coming
To a TV near you!

Selectman Joe Fiala to Freestar

Ms. Kurk did not say why she didn't sign and I
didn't ask. She stated publicly many times that she
opposed any such effort to take property from any of
our citizens. Our board is unanimous in it's stand
that the proposal to take Justice Souter's property
will not be supported by us in any fashion.

I've heard it said you have some interest in moving
to NH. If you do you will learn that we take our
personal rights and liberties very seriously here.
Part of that includes not superimposing our rights
over others. If it weren't the "Live Free of Die"
state, it might well be "Live and Let Live".

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