The Lost Liberty Hotel project

—A rebellion that WAS televised

The Lost Liberty Hotel project was a rebellion against eminent domain abuse that involved applying the new Supreme Court ruling to those who voted in favor of it. It resulted in an explosion of media coverage. Freestar Media, LLC now makes itself available to clients who wish to hire it to generate publicity for pro-freedom projects. We will consider a pay-for-results contract.

Logan is also available as a keynote speaker for your next event. Logan can give a presentation on the health care cost crisis (with movie clips), eminent domain abuse (with movie clips) and the moral case for free market capitalism.

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On Monday June 27, 2005 Logan Darrow Clements, President of Freestar Media, LLC informed the Towne of Weare, New Hampshire that he wanted to begin the permit process to build a hotel on the land owned by U.S. Supreme Court Justice David H. Souter. Mr. Souter was one of five justices who voted in the "Kelo vs. City of New London" decision to allow city governments to take land from one private owner and give it to another if the government believes it will generate greater tax revenue or other economic benefits when the land is developed by the new owner.

This is where we planned to build the Lost Liberty Hotel:

June 23, 2005: The U.S. Supreme Court's Kelo vs. City of New London decision

June 27, 2005: Freestar's fax to the City of Weare, New Hampshire

June 27, 2005: Freestar's press release

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Total Media Coverage Generated by Freestar Media for One Project

Over 200 media outlets contacted Logan about the Lost Liberty Hotel project. In the first 48 hours over 700,000 unique visitors visited and Logan received over 5,000 e-mail of support and over 400 voicemail of support.

1. FoxNews Cable Channel: 4 appearances on Hannity & Colmes
6/29/05, 7/22/05, 12/15/05, 02/06/06
2. CNN 6/30/05
3. MSNBC The Situation with Tucker Carlson 7/29/05
4. CourtTV: Catherine Crier Live 7/12/05
5. ABC Nightline: 8/26/05
… and some local TV news channels

1. Comedy Central asked me to be on The Daily Show but I turned them down.
2. FoxNews' O'Reilly Show contacted me
3. The Good Morning America contacted me
4. The CBS Evening News contacted me
5. The ABC Evening News contacted me
6. ABC 20/20 contacted me
7. FoxNews: Heartland with John Kaisch contacted me
...many requests were lost amid the hundreds of voicemail and thousands of e-mail at arrived. When they were uncovered the story was already out.

Five Associated Press stories which put it in about every major and minor paper each time. Dates: 6/29/05, 7/29/05, 1/21/06, 2/4/06, 3/15/06
Reuters News Service 1/22/06
USA Today 1/21/06
The Wall Street Journal 6/30/05
The New York Times 9/13/05
Los Angeles Times 8/1/05
Washington Post 7/25/09
Dallas Morning News 7/03/05
New Jersey Star Ledger 7/21/06
Fortune Small Business magazine, October 2005, page 18
…and hundreds of other papers

The Rush Limbaugh Show (20 million listeners) 6/28/05
Dr. Laura Show
National Public Radio 8/8/05
National Public Radio "This American Life"
BBC Worldservice
The Larry Elder Show
…and I was interviewed on more than 60 other radio shows.

Enter "Lost Liberty Hotel" (with quotes) in Google
Enter Lost Liberty Hotel without quotes in Google

Sunday Telegraph of London
National Post of Toronto
CBC Radio Show "As It Happens"
CBC News Show "The Hour"
German Press Agency


Freestar Media, LLC now makes itself available to clients who wish to hire it to generate publicity for various projects. We will consider a pay-only-for-results contract. Contact Logan (at) FreestarMovie (dot) com or call 310-795-2509.