Sick and Sicker: for release Summer 2009

Freestar Movie, LLC is making a documentary movie about free-market solutions to the health care cost crisis and the tragedy of government medicine. The movie is over 50% complete. We seek additional support of approximately $190K to complete it. Given proper funding the movie can be finished in under 6 months and perhaps as fast as 4.

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Eminent Domination: for release in 2010

Freestar Film, LLC is making a documentary movie about eminent domain abuse and the Lost Liberty Hotel project. The style will be similar to "SuperSize Me" and we hope it will have the same financial success. SuperSize Me is reported to have been made for $300,000 and according to it grossed $20,000,000 worldwide.

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Movie Production Team

Producer & Host: Logan Darrow Clements
Director: Rick Dowlearn

The Lexington League is a weekly half-hour television reality show covering "David versus Goliath" stories of individuals challenging out-of-control governments. The Lexington League will broadcast actual acts of civil disobedience, expose shocking new laws and rally viewers to help the besieged. Our stories will range from people fighting government confiscation of their homes to people risking their life to take a stand against foreign dictatorships.

Most people give in to abusive government. Only those few with extraordinary bravery and rock solid principles are part of the exclusive club we call The Lexington League. These are people possessing the same degree of bravery and desire for freedom as those who fired the first shots at Lexington Massachusetts against the most powerful empire on earth and created the freest nation in history as a result. For more examples of the types of stories we will cover click the Suggest a story link on the left. Unlike the freedom fighters at Lexington, Massachusetts Freestar will use video cameras not rifles to expand liberty. But our goals are similar, we want The Lexington League to become "The Show Heard Around the World".

The show is currently in development. It will be syndicated across North America and around the world to local stations wherever it is not banned by the government. A business plan has been completed and the company is seeking financing to produce episodes and promote them to TV programming buyers. The 22 minute show will be offered free (barter syndication) to stations in the U.S. and Canada and for a small fee to foreign stations. We will sell eight 30 second ads to national advertisers eager to promote freedom while reaching an educated, active viewing audience. The local station will sell the other 8 ads to make their profit.

We will launch the TV series not with a pilot episode but with a controversial 90 minute "pilot movie" intended for small movie theatres. Can controversial documentaries make money? Michael Moore's Fareinheit 9/11 has grossed over $200 million worldwide. We believe the movie-going public is eager for a pro-freedom counter to Mr. Moore. For only $300 thousand Freestar can provide it.

Freestar's desire is to make a documentary movie about the Lost Liberty Hotel project itself and eminent domain abuse in general. The style will be similar to that of the "Super Size Me" which was also produced for an estimated $300 thousand and grossed over $11 million in the USA alone.

Although Freestar Media, LLC is currently in the process of raising investment capital, securies law forbids us from telling you more. Ironic? Perhaps we should do a story on that.

Lexington League Segments

The Lexington League delivers a powerful lineup of hard hitting segments. Each show starts with a briskly paced three minute news segment featuring incredible —and virtually untold—stories of government abuse around the world. Then it’s time for true stories of real people fighting back.

Taking A Stand” sets The Lexington League apart from anything else on television by offering an eyewitness account of an individual planning an act of civil disobedience. It’s the story of a person who announces to the world “I’m not gonna take it anymore!” They describe on camera the law they plan to challenge with the exact time and location where they will challenge it. They explain why this law is unjust and should be abolished. The law enforcer is then confronted with these plans and must choose either to enforce the law, thereby exposing its ugly reality and possibly bringing about its abolition or not enforce the law rendering it irrelevant and possibly losing their job. Will the challenger have the courage to make history by taking a stand on principle even if it means going to jail? Will the law enforcer imprison a person who has harmed no one? It’s David versus Goliath, man versus law, and principle versus power. Examples of this segment on the home page are: "Sardinas vs. Cuban Communism" and "Sick Citizens vs. The FDA."

Watchdog”: An investigative journalism segment exposing incredible abuses of power by government. It uses ambush interviews, undercover cameras and anonymous informants to uncover laws that trample human rights, ruin industries and waste taxpayer money on a massive scale. This segment will alternate with Advocate. An example of this segment on the home page is: "Logan vs. Taxi Commission."

Advocate”: Host Logan Darrow goes to battle in response to viewers' pleas for help. A viewer is threatened with fines, property loss or imprisonment by an unjust law or an overzealous bureaucrat. Logan then marches into the offices of surprised bureaucrat and demands change. He then rallies viewers to the cause. An example of this segment on the home page is: "Grand Theft Building."

Humor”: The Lexington League’s in-house humorist exposes ludicrous laws and confronts the loony legislators that dream them up. In “street theater” style bits, performers vividly bring to life the absurdity of nitwit regulations and taxes. Examples of this segment on the home page are: "Monkey Beats Social Security" and "Government Warning Labels".

Lexington League Producers

Host & Executive Producer: Logan Darrow Clements

The concept for the show was originated by Logan Darrow Clements, the founder and former publisher of American Venture magazine, a business publication covering early-stage technology companies and venture capital. He has an B.A. in economics and a M.B.A. in finance.

Co-executive Producer: Duncan Scott

Duncan Scott has worked on over 130 film and video projects including the PBS newsmagazine Innovation, the current events show Vision and editing of the Ayn Rand movie We The Living. Duncan has won four Emmys, two Tellys, five Cine Golden Eagles and many other awards.

Producer: Richard Speer

For more than a decade Richard Speer has worked in radio and television news, serving variously as anchor, reporter, producer, editor, and writer for CBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX affiliates throughout the country. He is the recipient of numerous first-place awards from the Associated Press, including accolades for spot news coverage and feature reporting.